CBD Oil For Dystonia, Dyskinesias | CBD Treatment of Dystonia

A few clinical investigations suggest a therapeutic potential of CBD in movement disorders (Consroe et al. 1986, Snider et al. 1984).

CBD Oil For DystoniaIn 1984 a case report of a patient with Meige syndrome was published (Snider et al. 1984). The patient profited from the treatment with 200 mg CBD. Meige syndrome is a form of dystonia affecting the eyelid and muscles of the face.

CBD was given to 5 patients with dystonic movement disorders in a preliminary open pilot study (Consroe et al. 1986). Oral doses of CBD rising from 100 to 600 mg/day over a 6 week period were administered along with standard medication. Dose-related improvement in dystonia was observed in all patients and ranged from 20 to 50 %. Side-effects of CBD were mild and included hypotension, dry mouth, psychomotor slowing, light-headedness, and sedation. In 2 patients Dystonia, with coexisting Parkinsonian features, CBD at doses over 300 mg/ day exacerbated the hypokinesia and resting tremor.

In studies with mice, the natural cannabinoid CBD attenuated catalepsy, characterized by muscular rigidity and fixity of posture (Gomes et al. 2013). Catalepsy was caused by the anti-psychotic drug haloperidol, by L-nitro-N-arginine (L-NOARG) or by the synthetic cannabinoid WIN55,212-2, which acts similar to THC. Researchers noted that “these findings indicate that CBD can attenuate catalepsy caused by different mechanisms (…) via 5-HT1A receptors activation, suggesting that it could be useful in the treatment of striatal disorders.” Among these disorders are Parkinson’s disease and dyskinesia

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